Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The types of accommodation at IM Guest House

Each room has shower and toilet right outside the room, shared only with the other 2 rooms.

Japanese Tatami Room

Japanese style 'Tatami' room is equipped with futon beds.

Price ranges for tatami room.
- ¥3,800/night for one people
- ¥5,500/night for two people
- ¥7,500/night for three people
- ¥9,000/night for four people

Four Bunk-Beds Mix Room

Four Bunk-Beds Female only Room
- ¥2,500/night for one people

Private Room
- ¥3,800/night

Room facilities:
- Electric mattress heat pad (during cold season).
- Air condition
- Wireless internet
- Locker

Other facilities:
- TV, DVD & free Internet in the Living Room
- Hair dryer (free of charge)
- Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash (free of charge)

- Towel (¥100)
- Tooth brush (¥100)
- Shaver (¥100)
- Laundry (¥200)
- Bicycle (¥500/day)

Check out: 9am - 11am
Check in: 3pm - 10pm
Late check in can be arrange, please inform us.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Inside IM Guest House

Okay, now I will introduce what is the inside of IM Guest House looks like!

There are 3 floors, 4 including the roof! Each floor has 9 rooms, 3 toilets and 3 showers.
Basically, there are plenty of toilets and bathrooms, so you don't have to worry about
sharing them with many people. And on top of that, they are right outside your room!

I have stayed in other hostel and guesthouse before, where you have to walked a fair bit of distance just to go to the toilet or take shower, and some are even located on a different floor! What I like about IM Guest House is how the bathrooms and toilet are just a door away, so you don't have to feel hassle when you have to go to toilet or take shower at late hours, and on top of all you feel so much safer!