Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Momodani Shotengai (retail store area)

When I first arrived at the guest house, I was so amused by this area, my eyes were busy scanning for each of the shops, and on top of all the stuffs here are not as pricy as downtown. You can pretty much find anything that you need in this shopping arcade. They have supermarkets, bookshops, florists, hair salons, tofu shop, fruit and vegies shop, noodle shops, photoshops, pickle shop, music shop, bread shops, pachinco centre (gaming) clothing shops, shoes shops, restaurants, sport shops, 100yen shop, anything you can think of they will have it here, there are even misdo shop that i like!

Momodani station is only 15mins from downtown by JR loop, which make it easy to go to anywhere. I have been to Kyoto and Kobe, and the next city on my list will be Nara! I heard it's also not so far from here!

Ah, I forgot to mention that IM Guest House is in Momodani! It's only 6 minutes walk to the JR station and about 15mins walk to Tsuruhashi station (where you can explore the little Korea Town that I talked about the other day) ^^.

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